Become a Sponsor

Greetings from Madison! We are very pleased that you are considering joining the Engine Research Center’s Decarbonized-Engine Research Consortium (DERC).

DERC was established in 2004 and has worldwide company membership. Sponsorship contributions to the consortium are kept as low as possible to attract participation from a wide range of members. Sponsorship is in the form of a $15,000 contribution or more per year per sponsoring unit, and is used to fund basic research of interest to our supporting companies. Information on our latest developments in engine and fuels research is reported on a regular basis to each sponsor’s designated liaison engineer. In addition, a newsletter is sent to all of your company’s interested engineers with information about our latest research reports, M.S. and Ph.D. theses, etc. Teleconferences among participants can also be scheduled according to project needs/member interest. This keeps you technologically up-to-date, and months-to-years ahead of non-sponsors. This advanced knowledge also provides a tremendous advantage to you and your company’s technology planning.

Annually we hold an on-site DERC review meeting where our student’s research projects are discussed in detail with DERC members. The annual meeting is held the first week of June in Madison, WI. In addition, every two years, the ERC organizes and hosts a symposium following the annual meeting that focuses on special topics that are current and relevant to people involved in the transportation and combustion fields. Presentations are given by a range of experts, providing perspectives on technical, strategic planning, policy and regulatory issues. The meetings have traditionally been well attended with 100-150 people from engine, automotive, truck, and energy companies. One individual from each member company is given gratis registration to this event.

DERC also offers educational benefits to sponsors that include information about short course offerings. In addition, the faculty members are openly accessible to sponsors for professional advice. Our sponsors also value the contacts they make with other industry members and the direct access to our students that DERC membership affords. This is most valuable as companies seek potential recruits for summer or long-term employment. Sponsors can also give ERC seminars themselves, and are able to spend time in ERC labs as an opportunity to introduce their company to students.

Intellectual Property developed under the consortium is handled under the University of Wisconsin-Madison standard research agreement with preference given to DERC members.

Further technical questions can be directed to or any other ERC faculty:

Professor Mario F. Trujillo
DERC Director